About Us


We are Tom and Dave, The Ugly Virgins. We are a Bristol (UK) based company with more than 25 years experience in the catering industry. We absolutely love what we do and are very excited to be putting our expertise together to bring you a variety of dishes from around the world. Every one of our delicious meals are prepared and made in house by one of our experienced staff. We make the highest quality food with the best quality ingredients at the most competitive prices possible. Drop into our kitchen and smell the delights of whats cooking today. 

Home Delivery

We are more than just a take away. We will delivery your food to your location, whether that be work or home, for a small fee. Our friendly delivery team will make sure that your food arrives with you while it is still hot and delicious right up until 10 pm weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and 10.30 pm weekends (Friday and Saturday)

Scheduled Orders

We are happy to prepare your food when you want it. We take online and telephone orders for specific times of the day. You can either have this delivered or picked up from our kitchen at the time you have chosen. We can also do this on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule for you. Group and party orders are welcome too.

High Quality

The Ugly Virgins pride ourselves on the quality of our food products. We use only the highest quality ingredients to give you the best quality meal. We have made sure that all of our ingredients are as authentic as possible and ethically sourced. All of our tasty meals are made in house by one of our experienced staff.